From the Land to the Sky

Using arts to inspire change in landscape decision making

This virtual exhibition website is a call to action.


We invite you to explore the artworks, reflect on their messages, and try out activities used by artists and community members of all ages.

Our aim is to inspire more inclusive decisions about outdoor landscapes and access to them.

Through collaborative activities to make these artworks, people have spoken of the need to feel like they can access and are welcome in natural environments. Children and young people want school and college-based routes into outdoor learning, creativity and careers. People of all generations are looking for opportunities to engage with and care for other species.

Are you inspired by this site?

Tell us how you have used our suggested activities to help people feel more connected to the natural spaces around them.
Tell us what you want to change about landscape decisions.
Tell us what you are now doing to help make different landscape decisions.

Read here about some of the issues surrounding decision making and land use for one local farmer.