Katie Anderson

Title: Furness Academy Voices of the Future
Project: Connecting disadvantaged young people with landscape through arts

The key messages for decision makers are here.

Materials and dimensions: Mixed media installation and film. Large fabric banners created using a combination of hand painting, screen printing and applique techniques. Approximately 150cm x 250cm, pair of accompanying side banners measuring approximately 90cm x 50cm each.

Inspiration: The work aimed to be responsive to the conversations held with, ideas shared and creative learning of participating young people during the sessions. We set out on a ‘journey’ to learn together, exploring the gaps in our knowledge and experiences, celebrating the voices and opinions of the participants, and supporting them to experiment and grow their confidence. The artwork aims to reflect some of the conversations and ideas we explored together. The participants supplied much of the visual details in the work through their own creative outputs which have been gathered together in the banner format.



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