Rachel Capovila

Title: Broadening Horizons – Connecting Young People with Nature
Project: Connecting disadvantaged young people with landscape through arts

The key messages for decision makers are here.

Materials and dimensions: Projected image.

Inspiration: We created this film with young people who were experiencing traditional skills, and learning about the heritage, habitats and wildlife of a rural and wooded area located towards the southern edge of the Lake District National Park, historically known as part of the High Furness Fells. Through the creative experiences of greenwood carving, learning basic foraging and tracking and through meeting together round the fire, the students learnt about Rusland’s ancient yet vulnerable woodlands. The film captures their enthusiasm and generosity as they learned about the challenges and threats faced by the woodland, and they applied newfound skills and confidence in the woodlands.

The film also highlights the barriers that young people face to accessing woodlands and woodland careers that exist on their doorsteps.

Artist: Rachel Capovila


www.ruslandhorizons.org/project/discovering-new horizons-a-partnership-project-with-furness-college.asp