The Belthorn Collective

Title: Feeling Smooth – a multimedia installation
Project: Connecting disadvantaged young people with the landscape through arts

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Materials and dimensions: Reclaimed wood. Approximately 2m x 1m x 1m; digital devices; photographs.

Inspiration: Children with their teacher, took part in the UCLan AHRC Landscape projects engaging with natural environments, musical instruments and storytelling as a way of expressing their experience of and wishes for landscapes. They represented ideas of freedom, flow and connectivity; togetherness and aloneness, access to spaces that breathe/let you breathe, preservation, intergenerational and multispecies connections. Our intergenerational artistic collective has responded by representing these ways of being and knowing in photos and opportunities for audio and visual interaction. Photos of aspects of nature and the refrain ‘two choices: indoor or outdoor’ are offered as a provocation for further reflection and creativity.

Artist: The Belthorn Collective