Lou Chapelle

Title: If we were a forest
Project: Multisensory multispecies storytelling to engage disadvantaged groups in changing landscape

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Materials and dimensions: video installation

Inspiration: ‘If we were a forest’ was a new way to experience the forest and beautiful nature reserve at Gorse Hill, not only as humble visitors, but as active members of this ever-changing eco-system. By feeling, drawing, singing, moving, we explored what it might be like to be a tree. It allowed us to use different senses, to feel the wind and the warmth of the sun on our skin, to listen to the leaves flickering, to touch the rough and strong bark…

The site we chose was very significant, as the forest was planted by a small charity 30 years ago and has now grown as a beautiful site hosting a range of plant species and animals. What came out of the workshop is how peaceful and tranquil such places can make us feel. And how amazing such a site can be when you take time to really pay attention to the smallest of things. The video we created aimed to reflect on our felt experiences, those intangible moments of connections with the “majestic, lady-like, powerful” trees.

Artist: Lou Chapelle

project blog: bit.ly/if-we-were-a-forest
Lou Chapelle (aka Laurence Payot) Artist Website Studio member and trustee at The Royal Standard